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blog ini di reka oleh aku untuk mengemukakan pendapat dan perasaan aku mengikut teori rasional aku. segala perbendaharaan kata adalah kurang bagus untuk digunakan dalam mana2 dokumen formal. ini hati aku, cinta aku, jiwa aku, yang sebenar. kala aku marah, kala aku gembira, kala aku suka, kala aku sedih.. semuanya di sini.. aku jahat? kejam? ya ..semua itu adalah aku.. Utk kamu yg kurang mengenaliku, aku tak perlukan cemuhanmu kerana takdir kita berbeza.

Saturday, March 31, 2012


when i look at backward of time, i think i the give all my heart, give all the BEST thing ever to you.. how hard i am struggle, how difficult i try to do, you never ever say thanks to me.. even the words to appreciate me... why?
thats the thing that i always thinking...
that's thinking make my mind ruined...

the scar that i have from you, is still beat me...
i even cannot breath when i thinking back...
i envy with your life

you have some one new, but u leave the pain in my heart till i can accept no one
you are in happy life, while i try to discover the happiness but still haven't

when read again all those the messages that you have give me..
all the pain is come back...
my heart cannot beat properly...
hurt... so hurt... that's the only thing that i can tell you..

maybe because of my love is so pure to you,
maybe i love you that much,
maybe i feeling empty cause i already give u all..
its maybe...

i still wish u happy, still wish u in good condition...
never mine if i was your past that u try to remove..
but please..
don't blame me on the brake up, cause i have no strong if u tell other that i the one need it..
i cant courage that..

to have u as my lover, was the moment that i really want
to leave by you on our path of journey was the pain ever that i ever had
but to back to you as your lover,
i don't think i have that strength... i just love you and never ask your return.. be with me in my dream, that just enough... MHB

say bye to you, bye to our moment together, bye to what we have done together.. its really hurt me.. just let u know that.